Alina Pash

Alina Pash

The Rise of Alina Pash

Alina Pash, born on May 6, 1993, in Bushtyno, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine, has become a prominent figure in the Ukrainian music scene. Known for her unique blend of pop, electro, hip hop, and folk music, Pash has made significant strides in her career since her emergence in 2012.

Early Life and Inspirations

Pash was raised in a strict family where her love for music flourished. Despite restrictions on attending local parties, she often found ways to immerse herself in the music world. Inspired by international artists like Beyoncé, Pash cultivated her style, earning the nickname "bitanga" (meaning "hooligan" in Transcarpathian) from her grandfather.

Breakthrough in Music

Alina's career took a pivotal turn in 2016 when she participated in the sixth season of the Ukrainian edition of The X Factor, placing third. This exposure helped her gain recognition and set the stage for her future successes.

Collaboration and Debut Album

In 2019, Pash collaborated with Alyona Alyona on the track "Padlo," further solidifying her place in the music industry. Her debut album "Pintea" was released the same year, featuring a mix of Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, and Georgian songs. This album showcased her versatility and was met with varied critical responses, but Pash remained undeterred by external opinions.

Recent Projects and Performances

In recent years, Pash has continued to evolve her music. She released "RozMova" in April 2021, an album deeply influenced by ethno-expeditions in the Carpathians, embracing folktronics and world music. She also collaborated with Tina Karol on the LP "Moloda Krov" and released the mini-album "NOROV" with DJ Pahatam.

Eurovision Journey

Pash's journey took a dramatic turn in 2022 when she won the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision with "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors." However, controversy surrounding a past visit to Crimea and the legitimacy of her travel documents led to her withdrawal from the contest, paving the way for Kalush Orchestra to represent Ukraine instead.

Legacy and Influence

Despite the controversy, Pash remains a significant figure in Ukrainian music. Her ability to blend various musical genres, along with her bold and innovative approach, has earned her a dedicated fanbase and respect in the music community. Alina Pash continues to be a symbol of modern Ukrainian music, embracing both her cultural roots and contemporary influences.

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