Druga Rika

Druga Rika

The Formation and Early Years

Formed in 1996 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, Druga Rika quickly emerged as a significant name in Ukrainian rock music. The band, known for its alternative rock, Brit Pop, and pop-rock styles, consists of members Valeriy Kharchyshyn (lead vocals and trumpet), Oleksandr Baranovsky (guitar), Oleksiy Doroshenko (drums), Serhiy Belichenko (guitar), Serhiy Hera (Shura - keyboards, backing vocals), and Andriy Lavrinenko (bass).

Breakthrough and Recognition

Druga Rika's journey to fame began with their debut album "Я є" (I am) in 2000. Their early success was marked by a win at the Just Rock festival and being named the "Discovery of the Year" with the "Ukrainian Wave" award. Their music videos started receiving airplay on MTV, propelling them further into the limelight.

Rising Popularity and Major Hits

In 2001, Druga Rika released the single "Oksana," and by 2003, they had launched the hit "Mathematics." Their second album, "Two," released by Lavina Music, included the popular track "Not Alone" and the acclaimed Ukrainian video for the song "Chanson." Their performance alongside Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode in Kyiv further solidified their status in the music industry.

Continued Success and Creative Evolution

Over the years, Druga Rika has remained a prominent name in the Ukrainian rock scene. The band's albums like "Fashion" (2008) and their international performances have continued to garner critical acclaim and fan admiration. Their songwriting, which often features a blend of catchy rock anthems and delicate tunes in the Ukrainian language, has been a key factor in their sustained popularity.

Recent Endeavors and Legacy

In recent years, Druga Rika has continued to evolve and innovate. Their latest album "Piramida," released in 2017, includes popular singles like "Monstr," "Angel," and "Ty Ye Ya." The band is celebrated for its live performances, which include hits from their entire discography. Druga Rika's influence in the Ukrainian rock scene has been profound, marked by their passion for music and their ability to connect with audiences through their lyrics and melodies.

Throughout their career, Druga Rika has stood out for their lyrical depth, musical versatility, and the ability to resonate with a wide range of listeners. They have become a symbol of the rich and diverse Ukrainian music scene, inspiring a new generation of rock musicians in the country and beyond.

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