Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Anastasiia Olehivna Prudius, known by her stage name KOLA, was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. From a young age, she showed a strong inclination towards music, particularly the piano. Her teachers predicted a bright musical future due to her exceptional hearing and vocal talent. KOLA started singing at the age of 2, and by the age of 6, she was already participating and winning music competitions.

Academic Pursuits and Continuous Musical Development

Despite her early success in music, KOLA chose to pursue academic studies, enrolling in Kharkiv National University to study international economics and translation. Even during her university years, she remained actively involved in music, participating in various festivals and musical events, which allowed her to continue developing her talents.

Breakthrough in "Voice of the Country"

In 2016, KOLA participated in "Voice of the Country," a pivotal moment in her career. Her performance of Hozier's "Take Me to Church" impressed all four judges, marking her entry into the professional music world. However, her journey in the competition ended at the knockout stage. Despite this, her participation in the show was a significant step forward in her career.

Participation in "New Wave" and "Eurovision"

KOLA's career continued to ascend as she participated in the "New Wave" music contest, where she faced mixed reactions for her participation in a Russian competition. Her performance at "New Wave" further established her as a talented artist. In 2017, KOLA attempted to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song "Flow," which garnered significant attention and popularity.

Emergence as a Solo Artist

KOLA's rise to fame continued with the release of her song "Zombies" in 2018, which showcased her evolving musical style. She also released the single "Synchrophasotron" and the debut EP "YO!YO!" in 2019, further solidifying her place in the Ukrainian music scene.

Personal Life and Recent Endeavors

In her personal life, KOLA got engaged in 2021, sharing her joy with her fans. She continued to make appearances on "Voice of the Country" and released several singles in 2021, including “Prokhana Guest” and a cover of SHUM by Go_A. Her music continues to resonate with a wide audience, and she remains a prominent figure in Ukrainian pop and electronic music.

KOLA's journey from a young, talented singer to a well-known artist in the Ukrainian music scene is a story of passion, dedication, and continuous growth. Her ability to blend different musical styles, coupled with her unique voice, makes her a standout artist worth following.


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