The Genesis of Onuka

Onuka, translating to "granddaughter" in Ukrainian, is a band that seamlessly blends Ukrainian ethno instruments and modern electro-pop music. The band was formed in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2013 by Ukrainian musicians Yevhen Filatov and Nata Zhyzhchenko. Other members include Daryna Sert (keyboardist and backing vocalist), Mariia Sorokina (percussionist), and Yevhen Yovenko (banduryst). Onuka's musical spectrum includes electronic drums, trombones, French horns, and Ukrainian folk instruments like the bandura and sopilka.

Nata Zhyzhchenko: The Heart of Onuka

Nata Zhyzhchenko, the lead singer of Onuka, has a rich musical heritage. From a young age, she played the sopilka, an instrument her grandfather, a renowned folk-instrument maker, specially crafted for her. Her family, including her grandmother, mother, and uncle, were all musically inclined, influencing her artistic development. Zhyzhchenko's musical journey began with the band Tomato Jaws, which she started with her brother, and remained active for 11 years.

The Rise of Onuka

Onuka's debut album was released on October 15, 2014, and quickly became the best-selling record of the month on iTunes Ukraine. The EP "Vidlik," released in 2016, included five tracks and was influenced by the Chornobyl disaster, reflecting on its impact on Ukraine. The name "Vidlik" signifies a new beginning or countdown.

Eurovision and Beyond

In 2017, Onuka gained international recognition after performing as an interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest with the NAONI folk orchestra. This performance highlighted the band's unique blend of Ukrainian traditional music and contemporary sounds.

Albums and Discography

Onuka has released several albums, including "Onuka" (2014), "Mozaїka" (2018), "KOLIR" (2021), and "Ukrainian Constructivism" with Yevhen Filatov (2022). They have also produced live albums like "Live with NAONI Orchestra" (2017) and "Mozaїka Live with NAONI Orchestra" (2019), along with EPs such as "Look" (2014) and "Vidlik" (2016).

Personal Life and Influence

Nata Zhyzhchenko married Evgeny Filatov, a musician, composer, singer, and producer, in 2016. Their union is not only a personal partnership but also a creative collaboration that has contributed significantly to Onuka's success. Zhyzhchenko's multifaceted talent as a musician, lyricist, and instrumentalist has led her to the pinnacle of fame, recognized as one of Ukraine's most successful women.

Ongoing Legacy

Onuka continues to innovate and inspire, seeking new ideas and directions in music. With a philosophy that life is inseparable from creativity, Zhyzhchenko and Onuka have etched a unique space in the world of music, combining the essence of Ukrainian culture with modern artistic expression.


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