From Humble Beginnings to Rap Sensation

Volodymyr Samolyuk, better known by his stage name Skofka, emerged as a significant figure in the Ukrainian rap scene, offering a fresh wave of cultural influence through his music. Born on February 21, 1994, in Rivne and raised in the nearby town of Zdolbuniv, Skofka had an early inclination towards rap music.

A Unique Style in Ukrainian Rap

Skofka is recognized for creating a unique level in Ukrainian rap, characterized by intelligent lyrics and a commitment to quality music. His approach to music is comprehensive, often involving him in writing, arranging, and sometimes producing his tracks and videos. This hands-on approach reflects not only his artistic skills but also his dedication to crafting meaningful and socially conscious music.

Collaborations and Acclaim

Skofka's collaboration with Kalush, another prominent figure in Ukrainian rap, resulted in the track "Dodomu" ("Home"), which was nominated for "Collaboration of the Year" at the Awards 2021. He is known for experimenting with sound and styles, which has helped him gain a significant following on platforms like Spotify.

Discography and Impact

Skofka's discography includes several singles like "Sarf i Shapka" (2017), "Balalaika" (2020), and "Chuty himn" (2022). His song "Chuty himn" was particularly impactful, as it was dedicated to his friend Valentyn Konovodov, who died defending Ukraine. This song won the award "Song of unbreakable Ukraine" at the YUNA Awards in 2023.

Recent Collaborations and Achievements

In recent years, Skofka has been active in collaborations with various artists. In 2021, he worked with Kalush on the EP "Yo-Yo" and the track "Ne napriahaisia" (Don't Stress). Additionally, he teamed up with Kola for the song "Ba," and joined the ENKO label, alongside artists like Alyona Alyona and Kalush.

Expanding Horizons: North American Tour

In a testament to his growing popularity, Skofka announced his first North American tour in 2023, a significant milestone for any artist. This tour is not only a display of his international appeal but also a representation of the new wave of Ukrainian culture in the global music scene.

Skofka's journey in the Ukrainian rap scene illustrates his evolution from a local rapper to an artist of international recognition. His dedication to creating quality music that resonates with the contemporary listener has established him as a significant figure in Ukrainian music culture.




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