На какой концерт вы пошли бы скорей всего?  
Чат поговорить
gulietta: Почему концерт Потап и Настя нету в Чикаго?
RSS: $ 75 for 90 min focus-group research study - call 1-888-587-2940 - 2 locations- downtown Chicago, IL and Washington, DC
RSS: $ 75 for 90 min focus -group research study --- call 1-888-587-2940 downtown Chicago
dmalejevs: Selling tickets to OkeN Elzy plz call or txt 9207470227
Malyshka: Office looking for a biller. Anyone interested- info in ads smile
vchiragiev: perluna333
nishtiak: Bomond, where can I call to buy tickets?
nishtiak: perluna, how many tickets do u have?
gstyleboy: perluna333, на 3pm билеты в продаже в разделе Афиша
perluna333: Здравстуйте ,хочу узнать ,могу я здать билет на 15 января на квартал , не получается пойти????
aborisov80: smile
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International Birthdays Bash with Olialia Pupytes

May 19, 2017 08:00 pm - May 20, 2017 01:00 am

Категория: Вечеринки


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Let's Celebrate May's BDays at the First International BDay Bash on May 19th 8 pm "IN PARIS".
Don't miss to party with our guests from Lithuania, attend the Fashion Show by GREAT CUTURE
Dj Luminique.

“OMG” (Olialia Music Group)

 “OMG” - is a well known band in Lithuania. It’s been already 10 years the name of group exists in Lithuanian music market. The group consists of 3 girls- Oksana, Skaiste and Monika. Each of them is famous in Lithuania as a personalities and also as a member of the group.  “OMG” participate in many festivals, competitions, tv-shows and tv-projects. In addition, “OMG” has a lot of different programs, with different costumes and able to prepare the show for any kind of music taste.

Dance and have fun till the sunrise

For all the information: 847.420.2068
40$ tables
VIP 60$ tables

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