На какой концерт вы пошли бы скорей всего?  
Чат поговорить
gulietta: Почему концерт Потап и Настя нету в Чикаго?
RSS: $ 75 for 90 min focus-group research study - call 1-888-587-2940 - 2 locations- downtown Chicago, IL and Washington, DC
RSS: $ 75 for 90 min focus -group research study --- call 1-888-587-2940 downtown Chicago
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vchiragiev: perluna333
nishtiak: Bomond, where can I call to buy tickets?
nishtiak: perluna, how many tickets do u have?
gstyleboy: perluna333, на 3pm билеты в продаже в разделе Афиша
perluna333: Здравстуйте ,хочу узнать ,могу я здать билет на 15 января на квартал , не получается пойти????
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Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg: Red Giselle

May 19, 2017 07:00 pm - May 21, 2017 10:00 pm

Категория: Театры

Теги: Eifman Ballet

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Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg
Red Giselle
May 19-21, 2017

Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University
50 E Congress Pkwy
312.341.2300 | AuditoriumTheatre.org

Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg returns to the historic Auditorium Theatre with their critically acclaimed Red Giselle. Red Giselle is inspired by the story of Olga Spessivtseva, a famous Russian ballerina who portrayed Giselle in the original ballet many times. The story, which begins in revolutionary Petrograd, follows “the Ballerina” as she is introduced to the world of the Russian revolutionaries and caught between her art and the power of the Communists, who want to use artists as instruments for spreading their red ideology. The Ballerina flees to Paris and reprises her role of Giselle in the famous story ballet while also dealing with unrequited love, mental illness, and ghosts from her past. Boris Eifman’s extraordinary, expressive choreography and inexhaustible imagination paired with opulent sets and costumes bring this tragic tale to life.

Tickets start at only $33 and are available at AuditoriumTheatre.org312.341.2300, and at the Auditorium Theatre Box Office (50 E Congress Pkwy).

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