"Okean Elzy" released a new song and video "Kviti Minnih Zony"

The Ukrainian group "Okean Elzy" released a new song "Kviti Minnih Zony" and a video.

Very important premiere. It's more than just a new song and video. This is our present, our life and our faith.

The song, which was written several years ago and was supposed to be included in OE's new album in April 2022, but...

The video that was filmed a couple of weeks ago, in particular, documentary footage in Donbas.

And together - this is an important project of assistance in collecting new, high-quality cars for the Armed Forces

The video is based on the idea of the director Oleh Tomin, when events in two dimensions take place simultaneously in the frame - life in the rear and combat operations on the fronts of the war for the Freedom and Independence of Ukraine.