The new bomond and new beginnings

Getting near that 20-year mark

Hello, fellow bomond'ers and newbies!

We have released a new version of, (surprise), as we're approaching our 20th anniversary. A lot has changed over the years and as you can see we have transformed (or should I say transitioned?) into a service that we, as an organization, feel would be the most useful to our loyal visitors and customers. We have started in 1999 as a community site with message boards, chat, dating, news, events and ticket sales as well as various other sections - most of them now obsolete (thanks facebook and modern social media). We've had our ups and downs, we have, indeed, transformed several times in the past. Change is good, although sometimes, it's not easy to let go of things you're so used to. But that's progress and it must be embraced. We are now focused on offering you the best service in event ticketing, what has become our most popular feature over the years. Tens of thousands of people all over the country have used to learn about events and purchase tickets. We are committed to continue to improve our services going forward, with the new site and tools, to make your experience even better. Your feedback is instrumental, let us know how we are doing -

Thank you,

Igor Golubchik

P.S. For giggles this is what looked like in: