ВАШЕ Радио 14 лет в эфире!

Today we are celebrating our 14th year anniversary at VASHE radio. On August 1st 2005 we (Natalia Vladimirskaya and myself) went on the air for the first time under the new VASHE radio brand. Together, we've stayed on the air as a team for almost 9 years, with so many amazing stories and transformations.

During the following years we've had great and talented people joining us at one point or another - Aleksander Belenco, Sergey Pavlov, Tanya Pshenichnaya, Katya Kapelnikova, Pavel Kirdyaev, Dmitry and Tatiana Vassiliev and many others, on the air or behind the scene. As time goes by things change, our world and our communities are always changing, and we, at VASHE radio, have managed to embrace the changes and continue to bring positive vibes, useful information and a little bit of fun in our everyday lives.

Certainly we've had our ups and downs throughout the years. We've had people trying to copy us, we've had people trying to fight us, we've had people who stood by us and have helped us. Our core has always been our people, our listeners, our team, our supporters and advertisers. Without the good people in Chicago and beyond none of these 14 years would have been possible. So we owe this milestone to you - our people. Thank you.

Now we look ahead together for many more good things at VASHE radio.

Igor Golubchik