About bomond.com

Welcome to bomond.com!

Since its inception in 1999 by Igor Golubchik, bomond.com has stood as a beacon of connection for Chicago's immigrant community from the former Soviet Union. Rooted in the heart of Chicago and fueled by a passion for serving our diverse audience, we emerged as the foremost community and information platform in the early 2000s.

Our mission: to provide a home where cultural ties, events, concerts, and valuable information intertwine seamlessly.

As our journey evolved, so did our reach. Expanding beyond Chicago, we ventured into the vibrant landscapes of North America's major cities. With each step, we brought communities closer together, fostering unity and understanding. Embracing change, we gracefully transitioned from an information hub to a dynamic force in the event and promotional sphere with the advent of social media.

Today, our commitment remains unwavering. At the core of our purpose is the role we play as North America's foremost box office hub, designed exclusively for local and national immigrant communities. Our passion for preserving heritage, facilitating connections, and celebrating diversity thrives within every facet of bomond.com.

Join us in shaping the narrative of culture, connection, and community. Together, we journey forward, bridging gaps and creating memories that transcend borders.