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Use the form to get in touch with us.

We usually respond within hours.


If you have purchased the tickets and haven't received them right away:

a) Do not panic, chances are you have misspelled your email or you have used some other email address and didn't realize it, or your email provider (yahoo, icloud, hotmail, etc) did not allow our email to pass through at all or sent it to spam.

b) Use the form on this page, (rather than calling), it might take a day or two, but we will resend you your tickets. Remember, we can always find and resend your tickets, if not in advance, then at the event itself.

When the event is postponed to a later date:

a) You will be notified by email and often text message about the change.

b) If you're willing to wait - great, there's nothing you need to do, we will notify you of new dates.

c) If you have ticket insurance and wish to get a refund rather than wait, use the form on this page and we will process your refund, it may take 5-10 business days or more, but it will be processed.

If the event is canceled:

You will receive an automatic refund, there's nothing you need to do. It may take 5-10 business days or more, but it will be processed.

Please see FAQ regarding purchasing or finding your tickets here (chances are you'll quickly find the answer to your question there)

Phone: (800) 771-6510